Opinionated responses, colored in ageless convictions.Rambling witless voices, caustically calling out choices.

Deafened mutes gurgling rebukes, each ethically refuted.

Society crying why me, refusing others our sacred tree.

Leaning on ancient misconceptions, regardless realities perceptions.

Sheathing rhetoric revealing heartless desires in which each is mired.

Tired of truthless discussions as a nation heedlessly toward disaster rushes.

Planted firmly, armed with reason and wit, their fruitless endeavors we meet.

Comprehension denied, you few, arrogantly liberal illiterate, thinking democracy has died.

Unable to read the times, your outcome’s ordered, as you open the borders.

Before time’s memory fails your actions to retain, remember how freedom is gained.

Crimson stains, hurt falling like rain, our nation, will be whole again.



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