Evils funeral

Watching and wondering at these events I’m seeing.

Frustrated and anxious as unmitigated angers confronts us.

Misdirected ill gotten anger fostered in temples of doom.

Hearts a flame with faith, unfulfilled desires, puppets in a game.

Haunting images of depravity and lives maimed.

Reluctantly, begrudgingly with each we must deal the same.

Since time eternal, humanity, fought for evils funeral.

Again it seems, lives ripped at the seams, hope is the first burial.

Travesty by design, a woman it seems, with a fruit, in a mans heart took root.

Sins first fire, in each heart, once kindled becomes a pyre.

Friends could say, loved ones dismayed, when one turns up among us.

Could we not see, evil filling these chancy away ones mercy.

Turn to each, strangers on the street, with peace we must greet.

Failures mire, with tears instead to these we turn, of death we tire.

This hand take in hopes, with friendship our differences cope.

Listen not to evils call, from hate mine rest of templed walls.

Though for some, it is easy to kill a friend, with evil hearts in women and men.

Forgive them, for they know not what they do, his words I share with you.



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