So absurd

Thinking about where I was when I heard.What was happening when the world changed.

Wondering how it was before I knew.

Recalling all the events that brought us to here.

Then, it happened again, thoughts carried out by evil men.

Women praising this war they are raising.

Veiled in their ignorance of opportunities in freedoms stance.

Wicked are these thoughts I share if I dare.

How this change has made me for strangers care.

Where I was when the news first came.

Is not where I will be ever again.

Today is only a few minutes more.

Do I dare review the score.

Yes, this might be my last time.

It is not a crime to relent, sharing these last few days.

Struggling in hates haze to see the changes ways.

Hearts beat as true as ever for their due.

It comes to these unwilling and unsure of evils killing.

In our hands is held the fate.

Fate of those we now hate.

Strong is the word, even more absurd.

That I repeat their vow as mine.

Taking lives as willingly as their crime.

Not choosing this path.

Accepting it thrust upon me on that gruesome date.

When they strode into view.

Firing, blasting taking them from you.

You from me, I see how this has to be.

Sorry I feel for these fools who in faith claim.

Lives from helpless and hopeless ones they choose.

You lose, they lose, as this weapon I wield.

Easily they are felled.

Why do you make me hate you.

Love is what I wish to share.

But you cannot care.

Now, sitting here.

Thinking about where I was when I heard.

It all sounds so absurd.

W.A. Manning


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