WedgeWith each angry post.

Within each nasty joke.

Wedging us from our hearts.

Wresting our souls from the start.

Wicked men plant the seeds.

Weary families reap the deeds.

Wanting warriors pride.

Wrangling evils ride.

We the willing.

Waiting for the undeserving

Wandering if hate will succeed.

Wedging between our hope and needs.

Whimpering we accept.

Wasting peace on regrets.

Wistfully recalling victories past.

Waging wars that forever last.

Wavering without trust.

Wedges halting our desires into lust.

When evil regales itself with freedoms blood.

Where we find hates regurgitating flood.

Wedging mind against mind.

What can Liberty find.

Wedged by words and misdeeds.

Western thought they will not heed.

Wrongly accusing our faith others they lead.

Wedging mistrust in their wake.

Waking frustration anger they take.

Wringing from them their sin.

Welding hope in our hands.

Wedging victory from defeat.

Worlds unite as they we beat.



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