It’s begun

Echoes of gunfire, cries of carnage, night holds no rest.It’s begun.

Calloused hearts repeating angry retorts, both words and lead firing.

It’s begun.

Security’s just a word for neighbors huddled against violence so absurd.

It’s begun.

Regardless the city or state, another’s fear, we see the same fate.

It’s begun.

As day releases hope to the night we pray in barricades we stay.

It’s begun.

Evil attacks the weak, unguarded heart in the darkness of our discontent.

It’s begun.

Hope, holds new favor as we seek our risen savior.

It’s begun.

No matter who assails us, our victory is in the one who hails.

It’s begun.

So grab our weapon, hold your loves, prayer for peace to our God above.

It’s begun.

We may loose a few battles to evils armies, but the war will be won.

It’s begun.



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