RefugeeAngry Seas regurgitating humanity on these shores for all to see.

Forlorn foreign forests shedding waifs, like golden fall leaves, on this land.

Violence filled eddies of wind sifting the remnants of man who here finally stand.

Regardless the process, enduring the journey, finding home, people here hurry

Enduring evils onslaught, generations find this home God begot.

Not for the privileged or the few, or first to arrive, ask them, it’s true.

Here a new world of hope is found, as long as we welcome these, here bound.

Sifting the angry from the needy, those bent on deceit, from these Liberty seeding.

Fostering here generations of hope, for those wanting freedom, not a failed system to cope.

We are all from something running, here under Eagles wings, together find our yearning.

Paths lit by liberties torch, vetted and strained, we share this great course.

Why have you come, do you share this hope we are under, come join me sister and brother.

For those seeking pain, from gates evil game, turn aside from us know, or we’ll show you how.

Refugees once, forced from a land, now here as family we take liberties stand.



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