HelloDeafened by this silence that too often fills this heart, I return to you.

It’s me again, struggling between the beginning and an end.

Sharing our desires as we see yours unfolding.

Stillness rings with unforgettable loss, then I remember your cost.

I thank you.

When standing so frightfully alone in my thoughts you roam.

Never far from my heart, struggling to unseat evils hold.

Whispers become shouts as I cry and pout.

Another bout of depression rings with evils aggression.

I thank you.

Never have I been alone, though this world, heartless and cold, says I’m alone and old.

Older than before, older than these who see only my pain.

Older than these who cannot feel your presence as the pain increases.

Never are you so close as when my love struggles the most.

I thank you.

In this night as healing takes over the fight.

As cancer, beaten, is a word, not a threat.

Into this victory we head, hearts in your hands.

Simmering wants splashed over victories coals, you I cannot deny.

I thank you.

My prayers are now a conversation.

With my lord through the spirit that saves me.

Long will we talk as through these struggles we walk.

Another trial we will face, with you, your peace, we have strength.

I thank you.

We have grow, and still, we cry.

To some who cannot hear you, these will not know why.

Never, never say die, for you Lord, hold the victory high.

For all who seek your will, evil through prayer is killed.

I thank you.

This hour peace grows where your love it has sown.

This minute strength rebounds from this heart because you are in it.

This second, while others fear your words, I welcome each, calling others absurd.

This is how eternity feels, as your faith rewarded, in healing, life from death steals.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen



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