Hello once again

HelloOnce again in a familiar waiting room, I return to you.

Yes, it’s me again, waiting for her doctors review and blessing.

Too often these walls and windows have help this form.

Seeing, hearing others here, answering Cancers call.

I thank you.

As she returns Less to this place of pain and healing.

One does not come without the other.

In a recliner wildfire burned the cancer from her body.

On a table eradication took what might remain.

I thank you.

Now, the visits, farther from the last.

Testing, confirming that cancers in her past.

Hearing others, shocked, denying, cancers on them falling.

Here, accepting kind, caring treatment.

I thank you.

For each, like my love, who finds these walls for their war.

Battling more than the disease.

Flesh, Liberty, memory taken in cancers battle may each see.

Your blessing flow from each new trial, through each pain as they call on thee.

I Hank you.

I thank you that each visit falls further from the last.

That cancers past is but today’s scars, that won’t last.

The memories and indignities fade.

As the blessings and love for you from this struggle grow.

I thank you.

Calling her name for another test.

Testing the resistance and recovery, questions are asked.

How are you feeling, how was your time.

Smiling, with tear filled eyes, as victory we cry.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen.



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