Je Suis Paris

Under grey green skies, fearful storms arise.

Burning yearnings, 

in the hearts of evil men, 

foster its rise.

Tangled injustice, 

anger living among us, 

shrouded eyes.

Seething distrust, 

hates burden, 

violence on us is thrust.

Swung wide gates welcome, 

hell spawn their faith wielding.

We must learn, 

trust is earned, 

helping those in need, 

evil we must weed.

Seeded their anger, 

with our children in danger, 

failing at the hands of strangers.

Staging our demise, 

under once hopeful skies, 

liberty wounded, soon dies. 

Into the eyes of these stare, 

seek that for which they care, 

if you dare.

There lay bare, 



dreams if your able, 

their end is there.

No longer accepting, 

all seeking our shores, 

close this last door.

Foster liberty in their land, 

fuel freedom if you can.

Under grey green skies, 

for Eiffel’s dark tower we cry, 

fearful this storm arises.



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