What stood before

What stood before me, the reasons for living, and leaving.Leaving what I love, the land, it’s people my family.

Family, for them I must remain, but these without understanding came.

Came to take from me, us, this God given right of Liberty.

Liberty the will never know, they just want us to give up and go.

Go away, then before I could I cried, taken before me others lives.

Lives, loves, wants stripped from souls moments before smiling.

Smiling now in Hell are these who ring hates incessant Bell.

Bell tolling for pain and anger, leaving crimson the Rue of Liberty.

Liberty returns the favors, first in words that she savors, then, a saber.

Sabers unsheathed bequeath an eternity of anguish for the just and unjust.

Unjust cannot, will not understand that they chose to follow the wrong man.

Man or woman, it matters not, for they cannot take this peace that we’ve got.

Got it with a prayer, not forced on me by some cleric chanting hate out there.

There are those who see this prose, unable to comprehend, to their will Liberty won’t bend.

Bend me, I may break, but my soul you cannot take, nor that of freedom.

Freedom won, evil nil, doesn’t this final goal give you a great victory chill.



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