Hello, it’s me again

HelloYes, it’s me again.

It’s been a few days since I’ve taken the topi me to talk with you.

Nothing new.

But, you already knew.

I thank you.

My struggles, hers, our needs, wants, go on.

As do you.

With each passing day, I see how much you heal her and I pray.

Pray that nothing I do, derails what she needs most.

I thank you.

Our hurts change, our blessings remain the same.

Taunted by others success, haunted by what often depresses.

Hungry to taste life’s final victory.

Accepting we have much here yet still to do.

I thank you.

This trial with cancer as our burden.

Billowing angers overcome with a simple whisper.

You are loved.

I hear, it flows from your peace above.

I thank you.

What can I share that already have not seen in my heart.

Our conversations ar longer we we discuss wants.

So, tonight, these blessings fill my heart.

Accept please, each word as a gift of thanks.

I thank you.

First for being with us through this life.

Second, for the love that shines through our darkest night.

Third for the direction that we find in your word.

Forth, yes this list can go on forever, but you already knew that.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen



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