Hello, traversing this path

HelloTraversing this path worn deep by our desires, yes, it’s me again.

Again, seeking healing, again here kneeling.

Kneeling between sorrow and joy.

Joyful, that she grows stronger regardless minor setbacks.

I thank you.

When first cancers dreadful taste filled our mouths with praise.

When first the surgeon carved from living flesh the killers cells we stood amazed.

When first the wildfire raced through her veins chasing what cancer remained.

When first she touched flesh reused and renewed, We knew.

I thank you.

Indignities aside, her strength ebbs and subsides.

Not crying only vying for your peace and healing she sighs.

When will I be me again, calling from frustrations room.

Not doomed by cancers battles, but free from its chains and rattles.

I thank you.

For each who knows not the suffering as a victim or spouse.

I seek your will that cancers angry voice be silent in their house.

Those who’ve known it’s pain, emptied the drains, and yet to you, true remain.

These, we know, and we each your blessing share and yes.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen



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