Hello, hands forming

HelloHands forming a salined gauze gently dressing her healing incision, it’s me again

Praying no harm I cause as fingers fulfill the doctors orders, fighting to remain a man.

Hurting is the last thing I want her to feel from me, I know it’s needed, but from me.

She grows stronger, exhausted, by the struggle, I know ends with her healing.

I thank you.

Where you to form in my the nursing desire, these days would remind to fight such a fire.

For others I know not, pushing, prodding dressing I can deal with the lot.

But, for the loved ones in my life, adding hurt to them as they are healing isn’t right.

I know it’s necessary to continue the pain, soon only its memory will remain.

I thank you.

Stand with me hear in the silence.

Adjusting my composure so as not to cry in her presence.

I know you are healing her and these events will pass.

I just wish, that I would not be the one torch earring my Scottish lass.

I thank you.

As she smiles more each day.

As she finds humor in her own pains that diminish and by the way.

As she sees the expression on my face.

I pray she knows the grimace is from my fear of mistakes.

I thank you.

For teaching me these needs.

For revealing the nurturing within me.

For allowing me to tend to her.

For being my lord and savior.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen.



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