Hello, laboring at her side

HelloLaboring at her side, seeking to sooth her hurts each night, yes, it’s me again.

Stumbling humbled as I crawl between blessings and torments.

Pushing her healing while struggling to smile for her, for her.

Fear wraps my dreams in unwelcome streams of frustration, till at last your peace escapes.

I thank you.

Flooding my heart and soul with out reason your peace takes its toll.

Forcing tears from this fearful heart till your hope bursts from within.

Hungry to taste victories fruits with her smiling again.

Simple stride exhaust her so thoroughly.

I thank you.

Tonight, watching her walk from room to room.

Massaging her bed tired muscles to return sleep to her, lest cramps return.

Earning her place among the saints, all who suffer such indignities, shouldn’t have to wait.

Yes, stronger grows her body, her heart and mind.

I thank you.

My own, weakens with time.

I seek your strength to see her through.

I cannot know from this trial how we will grow.

Only that your blessings for others already show.

I thank you.

Tired, yes, quite tired I grow.

Now,Mathews words will cease to flow.

Grant me this request.

That these words I share help others pass this test.

I thank you.

As night falls on my struggle.

Let others see your encouraging healing in their own.

Grant this prayer, this request.

I’m still for you and her, doing my best.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen.



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