Hello, sweetly serenaded

HelloSweetly serenaded by her slumbering sighs, I return to you.

Listening for her hurts as her healing sings through the night.

When first this cancer she began to fight, night filled her with fright.

Just the word, filled her with anxieties she now finds absurd.

I thank you.

Healing from reconstruction, free of cancers burden.

Growing, knowing your peace fills her still.

Each hour finds her doing more than just walking the floor.

Days of fear replaced by the return of her great cheer.

I thank you.

Listening as she shares with others the struggles.

Understanding her live for you is revealed in each word.

Of your healing power, she, with strangers shares by the hour.

Not wanting these to suffer alone, her prayers for the, send to you alone.

I thank you.

Will there come a day when what she fears comes to stay.

Will there be a time when only praise for you fills my mind.

Will there be an hour when I relinquish this world for your golden towers.

Will there be a reason to remain, here, only if you so ordain.

I thank you.

Rest in this world comes in stages.

Our struggle comes in waves.

Praise for you is unceasing.

Our love for each other, and you, ever increasing.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen.



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