Hello, yes, yes

HelloYes, yes, your words didn’t fall on deaf ears at all, see, it’s me again.

Lingering near your seat, listening to hopes heart beat.

Waiting to hear, these words I’ll surely cheer.

Defeat cancer retreats, rebuilt her body healing, healing I repeat.

I thank you.

Long before this began, you, this heart readied for the pain.

From me much was taken, given first, then taken again.

Yes in my weakness I complained, learning it would happen again.

Humbled repeatedly by life, knowing you never promised me more than this fight.

I thank you.

Gathering with these words the only tools I know for war.

A wordsmith honing and edge for battle at Sins ledge.

Armor, clad in your holy word at her side I continue to stand.

She your daughter, I your willing man.

I thank you.

Changes rattle our world without remorse.

Taking leaders, rambling along deconstruction course.

Understanding only your love is constant.

For those who cannot see, we lovingly show the way.

I thank you.

Before strangers and friends, I spoke if your actions in my life without end.

Shared of my failures, trials and blessings again.

Reminded them we are not alone in this struggle with sin.

Each step guided, if we will your great hands so.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen.



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