Hello, yesterday my heart

HelloYesterday my heart filled with longing for today, it’s me again.

Never satisfied with where I stand.

Tugged from boyhood to be a man.

Floundering about in life’s sea of confusion.

I thank you.

From the perch we grasp our struggles seem to forever last.

Under these angry clouds of fear, we stand dreading rain that grows near.

Not for the storms that came, but for the failures for which we are blamed.

Holding her hand, snuggling in slumber, your heart has us covered.

I thank you.

Regardless the basis of our loss.

Whether we understand the evil we come across.

Just as we see hope cresting cancers dark ledge.

We stumble, fumbling your witness, hiding your glory behind fears ridge.

I thank you.

Still you stand right where you’d been.

There as we seem to drown in our own sin.

Yesterday, tomorrow and today.

There your are waiting to tell us it will be okay.

I thank you.

Gathering my strength.

I sing of your love.

Share your blessings.

Looking for heaven above.

I thank you.

Now, in this night, peace from slumber I seek.

This darkness is natural, not sin in this place.

Grant us sleeps peace between dusk and dawn.

Awaken us refreshed, your pleasures to carry on.

I thank you.

Oh, and amen.



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