So many prayed

So many prayedIn halls of hope, listening to others cope.

My lips tremble, spilling words for these here assembled.

Not since the Roman colosseum have so few for so many prayed.

Here in healing rooms, cold as tombs, faithful for fearful call on you.

Hurting, hopeless and lost come the calls, simple, trembling one for all.

For souls I’ll never know, for their needs, and mine to you I go.

Each step echoing on the marble floors, praying as I pass closed doors.

For you never knew me, but I found you wanting, while the pain is taunting.

Few grow the numbers for others that pray, ever increasing are those in need each day.

In these halls of hope, praying for these struggling souls, handing them faiths finale rope.

Pulling each into the light, as the struggle with fear and anxieties evil night.

Smiling as the hurt falls from the face, another finds your saving grace.

Praying for each other, stranger, sister, brother mother, in these halls, that each recovers.



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