Hello, happiness flows

Happiness flows from these eyes in the night of her new walk, yes, I’m back.

To walk and talk with you.

In this garden of peace between night and morning.

Here where hope has new meaning.

I thank you.

As my love and best friend, finds this trials end.

As she prays for our friend Amy, and others to numerous to name.

As she finds humor in a newly reconstructed body.

As she explains to others, talking with and walking with you releases life’s stresses.

I thank you.

Frail this form, though created in your image.

Not these bodies, but the soul within.

This great spirit grows in her.

As loves flame burns in her eyes, so shines your glory in her walk.

I thank you.

In my darkness.

In my pain.

For those I cannot help.

For these cancer maims.

I thank you.

Here others see only loss.

Here I find your name.

Here as tears fill empty souls.

Here I regain my own.

I thank you.

In the sanity of the moment.

As we realize the healing in our hearts.

I find you here, as always.

Guiding us from the start.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen.



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