Hello, tasting the fermented


Tasting the fermented rewards of vine ripened summer fruit, I’m back.

Relaxing, chatting, sharing with my love.

Teasing thoughts of life without surgeries haunts.

Prayerfully readied, studying your words, waiting this latest challenges launch.

I thank you.

No struggle is complete, with out a justified victory seat.

Kneeling now, humbled in the fight.

Soon, your glories praise, to the heavens well raise.

Like we aren’t already, our voices still grow steady.

I thank you.

Night slips into our day.

Stingily grabbing hope before our stay.

Cold sterile walls, clapping feet in marble halls.

Hushed reports, simple thoughts.

I thank you.

Lying here wishing it would pass.

Like the storms where lightening repeatedly flashed.

This darkness will not last.

Your promise is fulfilling so fast.

I thank you.

Grant me the peace to share.

For her, and others the bravery to dare.

Along with this fight over cancer in a night.

Your healing complete, her body, rebuilt so neat,

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen



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