Hello, seeking your peace

HelloSeeking your strength, back for your peace, I return.

Yes, kneeling, prostrate before you, I’m back.

In the darkness of my own soul.

Spreading wants none can console.

I thank you.

Before I could ask you knew.

Before I struck out on my own, you knew.

Before her first test you knew.

Before her hand I took, you knew.

I thank you.

Woven into the night.

Guiding stars shining bright.

Mornings reflection of a moons pale light.

Here, along this briar, rock strewn path of her plight.

I thank you.

Slumbering, her time grows near.

To submit to the earthly surgeon, with a tear.

Accepting what I cannot do, change or fear.

She smiling, even in the darkness, holding you close, oh so clear.

I thank you.

What great wonder is a wife.

Serving you through trials and strife.

Closer, than I could ever come.

She lives out the love offered from heaven above.

I thank you.

When last our conversation lagged.

Your hands the struggles curtains, away dragged.

Revealing faiths reward and renewal.

The crowns great jewel.

I thank you.

Still, in this darkest soul moment.

Here where none but you can reach.

You, with this struggle others teach.

What word other than love can I seek.

I thank you.

As sleeps dusty eyes return.

Anger at cancers evil still burns.

Tonight, as today.

We come to you, as we pray.

I thank you.

For here we share.

Share, with each other, what few will dare.

As your children, your creation.

We are the few, a Christian nation.

I thank you.

Dawn finds me as we talk.

Just as you said in our nightly walk.

Regardless the struggles we face.

You will not desert us in this race.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen.



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