Hello, watching her 

HelloWatching her tucked warmly in nights slumbering cloak, I return to you.

Yes, back with heaths requests.

Replenish her strength as she nears this last hurdle.

Renew her peace, as this war rages from battle to battle.

I thank you.

Just as I thought nothing could wear her resolve down.

Just when she filled faiths jar for all to witness.

Just as she seemed content with the present.

Just then, hope for tomorrow, the returning dreams ripped from her it seems.

I thank you.

Breast cancers great beast.

Battered her self esteem as much as her body it seems.

Bewildered by what it still claims.

Before you, staunch for what in this surgery she will regain.

I thank you.

Never have I known so great a love as this.

Here on this planet.

Yes others I have known.

But with this one I am truly at home.

I thank you.

For allowing me time to vent.

To complain and rip at cancers seat.

Thanks for the hours you listen

For the words with me you share, so I and others can learn.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen.



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