Hello, in the pre-surgery

HelloIn the pre-surgery anxiety readying for her latest trial, yes, it’s me.

It’s me, humbled before your seat.

Kneeling in Crimson trenches scraped from rock by these knees.

Holding her hand, as you hold my heart.

I thank you.

The indignities of cancers calling.

Rending hope from the living.

Wresting trembling hearts from burning chests.

Callously striking limps and organs from worn forms.

I thank you.

Amid the carnage of Cancers inglorious war.

Here, where love brings peace and faith it doesn’t jar.

This is where we find you standing.

Holding, healing and returning hope.

I thank you.

Yesterday, she found herself being carved and cooked.

Tomorrow she will find her form almost as she once looked.

Not for my needs, but her sanity.

Casting her hopes in faiths Godly hands.

I thank you.

Once before we knelt before your place.

Here, we sought healing from your wonderful face.

Now, together, stepping in to cold, sterile rooms.

We return, first to you, then the surgeons, whose skills over cancer now loom.

I thank you.

Reconstructing from her own flesh.

Taking her to a new place of expectations.

Gradually returning what cancer claimed.

Here, kneeling, our prayers to you we aim.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen.



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