Hello, numbed

HelloNumbed by the evil thriving in our world, I return to you, yes, it’s me again.

Challenged to stand on faith alone.

Seeing others giving you their all before coming home.

Wondering, could I the same, stand against hate in your name.

I thank you.

By her side I stand for the same.

Sharing your name white any who came.

Learning lessons old and new.

Regardless our paths, our life’s are lived for you.

I thank you.

For my love, all I will give.

Could I say the same for strangers, like you did?

Seeking your strength, for her next fight.

For Standing with her in this dark night.

I thank you.

Once these streets filled with laughter.

Today, candles lit after evils disaster.

Love cancels hate, there’s no debate.

Angry the come, your peace we offer.

I thank you.

Understandably shaken as young Lives are taken.

Age holds no safety, where eager evil seems to linger.

Let us in your strength always stand.

Giving honor to your name, as with all Christians we band.

I thank you.

Tonight I know the answer.

The seventh one asked for his answer.

With you I stand, can I offer a struggling man a faithful hand.

Tested, can we be true, only you ever knew.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen.



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