Hello, words swirling around

HelloWords swirling around mysteries, crystallizing my path, yes, it’s me again.

Following each letter as it coalesces into words.

Verbs, acting on adjectives, revealing nouns.

Each forming phrases that glorify and bless all here found.

I thank you.

Every time I stop to think.

Allow myself a moment to at your mysteries peek.

Empty emotions fill with your majestic sounds.

Brash, brogue utterances cast in heavens golden furnaces fill my heart.

I thank you.

It is with each thought these verses I write.

Of my loves longing to be whole.

Her victory over cancers forces.

And this silence in my night, before dawns effervescence reveals your glory.

I thank you.

Yesterday pain filled these hearts.

All here reading know it’s start.

Today, blessings replace the hurts.

As we look to you for our hopes first.

I thank you.

Can a man ever praise Christ enough.

Even wit this God given breath.

Is it possible to out sing the Angels.

Let me, let us try.

I thank you.

Prepare in this heart for your wisdom.

Remove all doubt from this mind.

Revealed in repeated victories.

Your love for all who dream.

I thank you.

For filling my nights with your light.

For disrupting evils fights.

For opening this soul for your glory.

For knocking, till opened, and you entered.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen



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