Hello, I heard you call

HelloYes, I heard you call, shivering in my self doubt, then I stood, I’m back.

Sometimes all she fears, overtakes this heart you gave.

Not knowing what to say.

Never knowing what to do, I pray, and talk with you.

I thank you.

These answers are not always clear.

When I listen with a heart if fear.

But as your peace fills my soul.

I recall the message you told.

I thank you.

For thoughts, not my own.

These that fill me as I roam.

With hope and renew my faith.

These thoughts of your heavenly gates.

I thank you.

Listening I learn, of my love and friends yearning.

To be free from the fog of healing drugs.

To be strong and able to walk, lungs filling with air, in the trails they dare.

Hearing her tone, as other pity her, when all she wants is conversation.

I thank you.

Knowing her body, created by you, is being healed when the time is due.

Knowing her mind, of the fog of fear and medicine, again will early things find.

Knowing I can be her support.

Knowing you, and you alone give me the strength to carry her, and my burdens.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen.



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