Hello, On a road, far from home

HelloOn a road, for from home, with peace, humbled, It’s me again.

Witnessing each our of the glory in your creation, that is my wife.

Stronger than I could dream of being.

She stands often, alone only in her perception, then charges forward with your sword.

I thank you.

For your grace which first on a mountain, together placed us.

Now for the lessons we learn, as she deals with diagnosis.

With a surgeons cold blade, wildfire burning vein rage.

Radiations churning glow, now soon, reconstructions physical toll.

I thank you.

Listening as she discusses, calmly with strangers each step.

Smiling as she shares, what thoughts she has lost.

Hair returned, flesh recreated, anxiety returns.

Still, stronger than any I know, she takes each cancer stroke, with a prayer, and a smile.

I thank you.

For her longing to be free.

My own desires fir her and me.

These others in our path, dealing with greater burdens than we have.

Till, you return, smiling, offering heavens keys, well earned.

I thank you.

Not so much for myself.

But this woman my best friend, I’m just a faithful elf.

Living off the magic of hope.

Stealing moments with, you and her.

I thank you.

Forget my indiscretions.

Forget my raging anger.

Forget my foolish endeavors.

Forget my wrongs, never forget my lover.

I thank you.

For this night her love I see.

In the stars her eyes reflect looking at me.

Forever alive, forever strong.

She waits, with me, for your healing, to continue on.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen



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