hello, unable to sleep

HelloUnable to sleep, thinking of her fears, I’m back.

Worn and bloodied in spiritual discussion, these knees buckle to the earth.

Humbled by self doubt, her fears mocking reality in this final bout.

Cancer defeated, anxious to face the surgeons lance, and her wounded flesh replace.

I thank you.

We return to you with only one need.

Healing peace in these hearts to seed.

Growing from this, her hope, fears will be put to rest.

I know you are here, and these prayers you willingly hear.

I thank you.

As you hung on that tree, two mens need you heard without fee.

One accepted, the other denied.

In paradise are two, one, in hell cried.

Even in your need, you hear and with all speed, prayers of hope feed.

I thank you.

Tonight while she sleeps.

Fill her form with rating peace.

Return me to slumber, knowing I’m humbler.

Understanding each word that you’ve heard, regardless how absurd, is answered in turn.

I thank you.

Oh, and amen.



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