hello, watching lightening dance

HelloWatching lightening dance across a night shrouded mountain, I return to you.

So readily aware, these storms others share, renewing us through trials.

Still, illuminated by the strikes, I see our struggles through cancers night.

Wildfire ravaged hearts, set apart, by storms and blessings, each its own part.

I thank you.

Delayed is her finale stroke.

Due to others needs, our prayers for these.

Gathering strength from each past struggle.

She grows in your greatness and I struggle to follow.

I thank you.

When at this mountain top we stand.

Together with you, hand in hand.

Renewing our hope, faith with your peace so grand.

Were I another man, greater than this would I stand, still.

I thank you.

Night always gives way to day.

The darkness, struggles, but light turns it away.

Filling crevices and holes, where depression often grows.

Then, with a spark, hope ignites our faith with a start.

I thank you.

Here in these mountains, ancient and new.

Here with others, gather to renew..

Waiting on the return, for your finale victory we yearn.

Still, human, frail, forgetful our love grows stale.

I thank you.

Just when the darkness creeps back in.

There you are, lighting hope from within.

Struggles grow lite.

As with your hands we move from the night.

I thank you.

Blessed are the needs you fulfill.

Others can see how you care for us in this illness.

May, we for others do the same.

Helping, counseling, praising your name.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen.



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