Hello, slipping along

HelloSlipping along a mountain road praising the Beauty of your creation, it’s me again.

So often, the little things we forget.

Blue petals in a sea of green.

My loves laughter, as she sees the joy your creation, to me brings.

I thank you.

A day on a lifetimes journey.

An hour in the tutelage of a child’s wisdom.

A minute, in awe of the steps in your creation.

One second, it all is so clear, time is your tool.

I thank you.

Rising from the sea to scratch the blue skies for rain.

Each mountain, pulling from the earth a new range.

Tempered soils, tossed and blown, miracles are here grown.

Simple life in acid pools, birds singing, all your timely tools.

I thank you.

From the moment your mind revealed this Timely tool.

To the end of desire and want in a new creation.

Your fingers, maddeningly stirring this thing called creation.

Brewing from heavens basic blocks, tools for even humanities fools.

I thank you.

Understanding her fight with a cancerous gene.

Knowing, from the darkness your glory will beam.

Tantalizing clues if the methods you use.

Simple for me to site, what for you bring to light.

I thank you.

For this path on which we walk.

For each person we bring a smile too as we talk.

For the childlike wisdom, you reveal in each prism.

For the time it took me to realize, you’ve created a million fire flies.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen



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