numbers increasing with plight

Numbers increasing with the plight.Men, women, children racing from the Black flags night.

Forging through rivers, passing over seas.

Each foot foundering, till aided we see.

Slim flows the tide, trickling through Doors cracked wide.

Stemming this growing tide of humanity fleeing Islam’s Pride.

One from two hundred, counting these with each struggling to be free.

Soon their numbers, no longer snuggle in this living sea.

Sweeping into Europe, where the Moors failed to grow, these now go.

Separated from wars blight, enriched, each caring on their right.

As days grow into weeks, from this great multitude you will grow weak.

Two from a hundred, a thousand strong become, become one.

Mixed in our masses, huddling close soon reveals their true zeal.

Given refuge in the masses fleeing to freedom.

The few, evil, filled with desire, stranding us in our own liberty mire.

Watch, heed this warning, soon it will be.

These streaming in fleeing the Black Flag, some to ISIL you’ll see.

Repugnant, it seems, but our on help it will be.

That brings our enemies close, and the end if liberty.



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