Hello, shivering 

HelloShivering in this cold mountain morning wind, It’s me again.

Hearing bugling calls of antlered beasts reverberate from the trees.

Watching lesser creatures fight against the invisible currents as day begins.

Feeling your gracious hands comfort this tormented soul.

I thank you.

In the midst of such beauty, my heart breaks.

For these I care about, who suffer great aches.

Then, as you always do.

Comfort, arrives as regular as the morning dew.

I thank you.

Forgive these doubts.

Human is this mind.

Few reasons other can I find.

Peace stalks these mountains, granting hope in hopeless times.

I thank you.

On a mountain top.

Began our relationship with each other.

To the mountains we often return.

At heart or on foot, here our love burns.

I thank you.

Take from me civilizations anger.

Take from me societies rage.

Return our brother love.

Return our sisters as your dove.

I thank you.

Here in this heart of an Apache retreat.

High above ageless deceit.

Here, your voice rings clear.

Higher than hopeless ness, to you we cling dear.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen.



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