Hello, just here

HelloJust here, between the needs of others and myself, returning to you.

Handling these things that need my touch.

Till realty they need yours so much.

Strapping back, between want and need, to see who heeds.

I thank you.

High on a mountain.

Far from mans chaos.

Flinging anxieties darts pulled from this heart.

Here, in love with your beauty, manifested in your creation.

I thank you.

Great come these thoughts of your glories.

Understanding the foundations laid in our lives.

Every step, hurdle and breath.

For your greater glory comes.

I thank you.

This hour, your peace I seek.

For my live and I to sleep.

From us the illness of life.

Take each as you take our strife.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen.



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