Hello, bathed in sweat

HelloBathed in sweat, looking over a mountain terrace, I’m back.

Nightly fever, struggling without sleep, hope hard to keep.

Praying, you faces healing I seek.

Before day breaks, gone are the body aches.

I thank you.

Into a new day, far from home here I lay.

Watching your glorious hand sweeping across dark mountainous lands.

Amber and crimson, palest of blue.

Each ray of light, brings out a new hue.

I thank you.

Here where I struggled.

Here amid strange illness this mind grumbled.

Here so alone had I felt.

Though my love, her gentle hands my fever, ending, she helped.

I thank you.

For such a glorious, gracious and dedicated wife.

Regardless her own struggles, loving me through this night.

Minor in the realm of diseases.

My own wimpy form, struggled, prayed, as at my side she stayed.

I thank you.

Now, setting aside these words of this fight.

Returning to watch your magnificent day claim this night.

Vast is your palled, filled with life.

Nothing we face in strife, can long stand, with you at our side.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen.



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