Hello, sitting in the dark

HelloSitting in the dark, thinking of the cause of our pains, I return to you.

Remembering each name, taken by those who came to hurt in evils name.

Wrapped in misguided faith, raging with Satan’s own hate.

Towers fell, buildings crumbled, our faith tumbled, but didn’t fall.

I thank you.*

Hurting now years later, for those who senselessly lost their lives.

Hurting now for others battering under an evil black flag.

Sitting, living in darkness of mans own making.

Here, with my love praying for there’s as well as her healing.

I thank you

Knowing worse will erupt from the hearts of angry men.

Struggling to comprehend what only love can end.

Praying, in the darkness.

For light to fill their hearts.

I thank you.

Pain I have known.

Greater for the ones I love, than strangers in my land.

But for each I hurt, as I remember 9-11-01 again.

Deceit, planted in willing hearts.

Waging war for Evil, not knowing they lose in the end.

I thank you.

For each our I can sing your praises.

For each day I can share your love.

For each week I can tell others if heaven above.

For each year I can this roof with your name raise.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen



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