Hello, with thoughts

HelloWith thoughts of wants swirling in my head, I return to you.

Needs outweigh desires, as wants reveal needs.

Wanting healing for a daughters spouse.

Wanting healing for a friend who’s down.

I thank you.

As my love watchers others, her, with prayers surround.

As this family of needs grows with faiths seeds.

As trials release blessings we could never have found.

As a new child fills us with hope, a family grows.

I thank you.

Can we never take for granted this love.

For each other, sent from heaven above.

Hate, born of ignorance divides frail hearts from the path.

Enlighten us with your wisdom, as your grace illuminates our path.

I thank you.

Today, this heart continues to pray.

As the hours pass, minutes ticking away life’s last.

Here, kneeling, hearing your will.

For these children, these friends I am still.

I thank you.

Gathering Angels along this valleys ridge.

Surrounding the pain, feathers pressing hope to remain.

Beating wings driving, encouragements flames.

Heavenly send gusts, refresh, restore us now praying.

I thank you.

Take from us this fear.

Take from us this pain.

Take from us this loss.

Take from us today, giving us tomorrow.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen



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