hello, demented thoughts 


Demented thoughts procured by evils passing persist in these nights, I, return to you.

Seeking answers, and remedy for this nightly quagmire I’m in.

Neither truth nor valor win it seems as wave after wave seeps within my night.

Slumber escapes as angers anxiety takes its place, the I pray.

I thank you.

For these I love, worry takes me from your will.

I know, I should just sit still.

When a daughters spouse is critically injured and she us worried.

When a new child from another daughter blesses you a grandparent again.

I thank you.

Can there be enough of you.

Enough to take from me, and these, their fears and frustrations.

Frustration, born of not knowing.

Knowing you are always here, present from the start.

I thank you.

Blessings flow as each grand child grows.

Mysteries revealed as their words, like your sound.

To know them as you.

Pot hold them as you hold us.

I thank you.

For this night of rest.

I give you my best.

Taking anxieties jest.

For my sins, I confess.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen



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