I saw you fall

I saw you fall.Heard the names they called.

I saw your cuts, your bruises and such.

Not that I did much.

Kneeling here, listening, unable to hear.

Breath, pushed from struggling lungs.

Dangling on rusted iron spikes, one with a spear lunged.

Dead, yes dead, hopes died in that tree.

I could not would not see.

You had died for me.

Walking away, I left you hanging on that day.

Night fell, the crow dispersed to tell.

I didn’t hear, though I listen still.

Stumbling, unguided along this rocky briar laden trail.

Searching for purpose in a garden so frail.

Nights covered in due, the third morning I met you.

Stranger in the mist, of morning like this.

Pierced hands while the film from my eyes.

No matter how much I look, seeing you there, now here I cry.

Was it for me you died, is for me you arose, I sighed.

Not worthy am I.

Your words, Grace sufficient for thee.




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