hello, angry dreams claim my sleep


Angry dreams claim my sleep, sending me from rest, so, I return to you.

Unable to ferret their meaning from the jumbled recollections.

Exhausted by their continuous ramblings.

From the bed, to a chair, at the night shadows on a wall I now stare.

I thank you.

Somewhere in this weary mind.

Between slumber and imaginations deep mines.

Surrounded by desires.

Wants and understanding wait to be claimed.

I thank you.

Not since this journey began. 

Here, with my love at this end.

Has this mind, bent by tribulation and frustration, my sleep rend.

Still, comfort I find, talking with you a while, then.

I thank you.

Broken are these.

Teeth, grinding in my sleep.

Tired and perplexed.

Vexed, though still willing.

I thank you.

What chore of Herculean measure lies in wait.

Could this body, like hers, such struggles undertake.

Torn from her side, adrift with night’s swirling tides.

Restless, wanting, now the sitting room I am haunting.

I thank you.

A measure of time allotted for peace.

Stumbling, bumbling reconnoitering for slumber, I’m released.

Lids weigh heavy, as sounds grow steady.

Nights minions drone on, calling me sleep ward with a yawn.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen.



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