hello, seeking a moment

HelloSeeking a moment of your precious time, I return to you.

Conscious, of your actions in my life.

Striding through each conflict, aiding me with strife.

Tormented, torn, willing to rise again, with your command.

I thank you.

Today in your walk, holding my heart.

Stepping along a crimson path.

Battered by each trial, protected by your smile.

Today, in your walk, holding my heart.

I thank you.

My friend, finds her way winding past cancers tree.

Like my wife you see, both are quite dear to me.

Wildfire finished with one, and now, in a friend has begun.

Peace we seek, healing would be neat.

I thank you.

Labor get over fleshly loss.

Remembering what our sin, you cost.

Forgive us for our simple desires.

As we what he your eternal fires.

I thank you.

Grant us this, that the anxiety will pass.

You’ll take from us these pains, and do it fast.

So we, with our families and friends can share.

With each, your love and peace, we care.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen.



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