Hello, at the well

HelloAt the well, I’m waiting, and wanting…and, willing, I’ve returned to you.

Feet from disasters of my own making.

Your incredible heart breaking.

With a slight nudge, from the precipice, my life turned.

I thank you.

Will there be more damage to my heart.


Will there be healing in my chest.


I thank you.

From where I stand, mortal and man.

Seeing your plan play out.

Hearing evil cry, with a fatal shout.

Sin, cannot win, ultimate victory is within.

I thank you.

Strangers turn her head.

Offer prayers of hope against cancers dread.

Defeated it flees.

We willing take to our knees.

I thank you.

Tonight alone in her place.

Thinking of you and our wonderful place.

This place in your plan.

This place, where we you defend.

I thank you.

Please, if it’s your will.

Take these burdens, that make our heart still.

Fill us with your blessings and peace.

From this place, we never retreat.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen.



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