Hello, stranded along 

HelloStranded along a well worn path, void of travelers, I return to you.

Listening the roar of passing traffic, filled with adventuresome souls.

Wondering, where you will take me, if I’m able to go.

Bent under times burdens, call used by the journeys failings, still.

I thank you.

Not for what I was, but can be.

Where will you take me tomorrow.

What trial shall we face.

Is this safari of life my last.

I thank you.

Having watched from her side, wildfire burning inside.

Listened to her struggles, pains, call from within.

Knowing you healed her, softens the thought.

Still, to remember her suffering, almost unbearable to me, I understand now.

I thank you.

In my, weakness, this heart nearly failed.

Cursed and challenged you often through our days.

Not you, but the disease this life used.

Seeing her pained,mothers suffering in this acid rain, still.

I thank you.

Will you take from me further pains.

Release her from angers hurtful reign.

Another knife soon her form will find.

I know, I’m you, peace she’ll find.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen



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