hello, impatiently waiting

HelloImpatiently waiting for a new earth and new Heaven, still, I return to you.

Heavy hearted, as losses fill my world.

Innocence destroyed, trust denied.

Looking for, for your triumphant return.

I thank you.

Stunned, angered, by hates minor victories.

Seething, as evil folks up on my doorstep.

Regretting, that my prayers I was forgetting.

Till, passing, a friend offered his for me.

I thank you.

That my wife, best friend and lover till the end, is with me.

That you placed us together on a mountain holiday.

Twenty eight years of Labor Day joy.

Struggling with trials, understanding our toil. 

I thank you.

When will you return?

When will these evils you burn.

When will you claim us with peace on your throne?

When will,thus pain, finally end?

I thank you.

I’ve read the last chapter.

I know what it took.

I see what we need to do.

I’m praying, and thanking you.

I thank you.

Oh, And Amen.



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