hello, hurting, unlike I’ve hurt before

HelloHurting, unlike I’ve hurt before, for others, so, I’ve returned to you.

These knees can dig no deeper in the earth beneath me.

My bruised forehead, tightly pressed before me on this hallowed ground.

For loses of others, that so astounds, for these I know to you I’ve returned.

I thank you.

Before unwilling eyes.

Such evil, none can deny.

Hate so great, two smiling faces meet with you at heavens gate.

Curios, why they’ve arrived so soon, and another sealed his doom.

I thank you.

No greater needs have I.

No greater need than to realize why.

First my love suffers, recovers and we watch others cry.

A nation, no a world watches in disbelief.

I thank you.

Nearer you are to us now.

As this pain filling our hearts, makes us quite and still.

Hoping, singing, your return is soon.

Before evils insanity takes peace’s last room.

I thank you.

Knowing each trial rewards and prepares us for you.

You, our lives fill with joy.

Sometimes this world fills us with hates decadent noise.

Still, in the quite of this room, you are there.

I thank you.

Could I hurt more at another’s passing?

Yes, but for these reason strangers to me a family you see.

Broadcasting, sharing, renewing energy of youth.

In each new coworker their faces I see.

I thank you.

Forgive me, for letting fear fill me with hurt.

Forgive me for not sharing your hope here, today on this earth.

Forgive me, for letting evil cloud my heart.

Forgive me, as I seek to protect those around me.

I thank you.

First, weapon of choice, prayers from this straining voice.

Second, weapon I’ll share, love that defeats hate with flaming arrows of air.

Third this shield of faith that turns knives of hate.

Forth, this human form, clad in armor, of hope which you me adorned.

I thank you.

Stand here now.

Tears falling on fallow ground.

Rich with humanities passing.

Saved, by your blood, our sins washing.

I thank you.

Oh, and amen.


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