Hello, just, sitting here.

HelloJust, sitting here, waiting, in prayer, to you I return.

Humbled, in my arrogance.

Denied, in my right.

Accepting, lost, but found, here I remain.

I thank you.

Mentioned as an afterthought.

This soul, blighted by prides leeches.

Asked to speak, though quickly quieted.

Stripped, thrashed, but willing to proceed.

I thank you.

Minutes seem as days.

Days, as weeks.

All I seek, this understanding at your feet.

Struggling to know, willing for you, anywhere to go.

I thank you.


Here, I remain.

At her side.

Praising your name.

I thank you.

For you, this life is dedicated.

For this hour, your power my heart sated.

Struggles, remain, as long as breath, the same.

Grant my request, please, peace for her and rest.

I thank you.

None should know such anguish.

All, such joy.

Your will, I seek as mine.

Though reasons not too, cloud my mind.

I thank you.

Grow me.

Grow us.

Renew, our love’s, faithfulness.

Restrengthen our will, to face each new day.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen.



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