Two roads, two toads

Two roads, two toads.which path to go.

leaping from side to side.

I know, i know.

Two roads, two toads.

I know which way to go.

you and me, see, you and me.

Which way you’ll see.

Two roads, two toads.

Take this high road, lets go.

No, I don’t know.

will you show us which way to go?

Two Roads, two toads.

On which one will you go?

Will you, us show?

Choose the road, you know.

Two roads, two toads. 

Down one, thorns and briars remain.

Up the other, rain and clouds cover.

Time to show on which to go.

Two Roads, two Toads.

Choices, listening to others voices.

Understanding, why, sharing though staring.

Only which road we chose.

Two roads, two toads.



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