Hello, yep, it’s me

HelloYep, it’s me, sitting here, I’m back.

Sometimes, just sometimes all I can see are the trees.

Rows and rows of trees, of all kinds.

Then, with your help, I eye the forest, your beautiful mountain forest.

I thank you.

Decades passed so fast.

Leaving tread marks of a thousand lumber trucks on on this form.

Ruts, furrows, plowed by time cross this face.

Firm, tanned, now blotched and bloated.

I thank you.

For, for the time you give me.

For this life you share.

For my wonderful wife Teena.

For our family and friends.

I thank you.

Tonight, you reworked my Friend Johns plumbing.

Your surgeons reconnected his rebuilt pump.

Battered and worn, his body healing.

For his time with us, and my Cancer free wife…

I thank you.

You know my Cancer free friend Amy.

She speaks often of you, as does john.

They are great examples of the blessings we have.

Knowing you, and how you bring us all together in your worship.

I thank you.

For the next day.

Having stepped past youth into this present place.

I seek to do your will, with out any disgrace.

Speak with me still, if you will, sitting here, I’ll always return.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen.



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