hello, are you tired yet


Are you tired yet, of hearing these human needs, yet, you listen, and I return.

In cold rooms examinations complete, falling at your feet.

Rewarding words, wildfires successful burn.

Reconstruction so begins, over cancer with you we win.

I thank you.

Not since the first dreadful words have I seen.

Such blessings surrounding our lives here on this battle field.

Seeking this face of love amid the carnage of cancer.

Her smile, tinny and trembling, fills with your peace us here praying.

I thank you.

Let those who have not your hope.

See this is the only way to cope.

Knocked down, thrown around.

Each day, you return us to our feet a new struggle to meat.

I thank you.

Thank you for taping these hand tight.

Guiding strokes our fists will beat.

Healing our bruises from blows we accept.

Defending us with your precious breath.

I thank you.

This fight we will finish.

Because we have you here in it.

Not ringside

But inside.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen



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