Hello, hastening hopes sails

HelloHastening hopes sails to full mast before angry seas, I return to you.

No struggle seems worth the fight, till victory is in sight.

Railed against, trumpeted, all the same breath.

A soldier of Christ, knows no other reward than this service.

I thank you.

For in your handling of my self effacing ways.

Ways, others see in days, you, good, magnify in minutes.

Hindered not by my failures.

Encouraging my next steps.

I thank you.

Fever fills this body.

Muscles aching, joins throbbing.

Still, through each ill, we stand for you.

Wildfires passing, radiations burn, still from you she will not turn.

I thank you.

Understanding so slow to come.

Wisdom, floating, my hopes still teasing.

Fragile this pride, so often shattered.

Humbled, to you our lives give.

I thank you.

This night, find for us slumbers peace.

Grant, now, escape from this day.

Steal away tomorrow’s fears.

Allowing us, in your arms to sleep, with out tears.

I thank you.

Oh, and Amen



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