Animas lost

Animas lostUndulating eddies, golden, glowing with dread.

Flowing between mountains, filling ancient river beds.

Tainted and tanned, unbound by the hands of man.

Once, flawless, pristine, it flowed to the sea.

Memories maligned, as gold the Animas winds before me.

Unpotable, unstoppable, sifting tomorrow as it drains.

Flushing planeterial arteries of life’s needs.

Not the first, but one of many, many more to come.

Cancerous it grows, now taking life from lands through which it flows.

Native tears, mingle with earths fears, unable to stem the tide.

Soules eyes, profiting, prying apart life’s fires.

Willing away our future, for today’s treasures, our faces hide.

Stuck in this golden muck our hopes are mired.

Stand before you can’t, speak as your heart thinks.

Today, is to late, yesterday is already forgotten.

Is Animas lost, it’s not forgotten.



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